Berry Bros. & Rudd Classic Range, Guatemala Rum

700 ml / 40.5%


The Berry Bros. & Rudd Guatemala Rum is an aged rum from Guatemala with a unique flavor profile. Hints of baked goods and tropical fruits mingle on the nose and palate. Some find the nose subtle, but appreciate the rum’s complexity. It’s a good choice for those who enjoy exploring rums with a delicate style.

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Berry Bros. & Rudd Classic Range, Guatemala Rum Bottling Note

The Berry Bros. & Rudd Classic Range Guatemala Rum originates from Guatemala, a Central American nation with a long and storied tradition of sugarcane cultivation and rum production. While the specific distillery remains undisclosed (including by Berry Bros. & Rudd themselves), this anonymity adds to the mystique, as Guatemala is home to some of the world’s most recognizable rum brands, including Zacapa and Botran. This suggests the rum might share a lineage with these esteemed producers.

This aged rum carries an ABV of 40.5%, a level that allows the nuanced flavors to come forward without overwhelming the palate. Tasting notes reveal an intriguing aromatic profile, perhaps best described as subtle yet intriguing. Hints of sweet baked goods reminiscent of baklava, pancakes, and arrowroot cookies offer a warm and inviting character, balanced by a touch of savory complexity from the curry leaf. The tropical influence becomes more expressive on the palate, where delicate whispers of perfumed sandalwood mingle with flavors of tropical fruits.

Reviews for the Berry Bros. & Rudd Classic Range Guatemala Rum showcase the diversity of rum enthusiast preferences. Some rum professionals find the flavor profile delightfully unique and the price attractive, especially considering the rum’s presumed age. Others may find the initial nose a little reserved, but appreciate the rum’s focus on subtle complexities. Notably, there’s a desire for more transparency about the origin, which could further enhance the appreciation for this bottling.

Overall, the Berry Bros. & Rudd Classic Range Guatemala Rum presents a captivating option for rum enthusiasts who enjoy venturing beyond the mainstream. The rum’s unique flavor profile and potential connection to a prestigious Guatemalan distillery add a layer of intrigue for the curious explorer. While those seeking a powerfully assertive rum might find it falls short in that regard, this bottling offers a rewarding experience for those who appreciate subtle nuances and a more delicate style.

Berry Bros. & Rudd Classic Range, Guatemala Rum Tasting Note

Nose: The rum offers a surprisingly restrained aromatic profile, with hints of vanilla bean and baking spice emerging first. Delicate notes of orange peel and herbal hints, possibly lemongrass, add complexity. A subtle sweetness reminiscent of candied fruit is balanced by earthy undertones, alongside whispers of tropical fruits like pineapple and mango.

Palate: The initial sip reveals a gentle sweetness that evolves on the palate. Honey and brown sugar flavors intertwine with toasted nuts and a hint of oak char. Tropical influences become more apparent, with flashes of pineapple and mango dancing on the tongue. Despite the sweetness, a subtle peppery spice lingers in the background, preventing it from being cloying. Additionally, a touch of perfumed sandalwood adds a layer of elegance.

Finish: The medium-length finish leaves a pleasant warmth and lingering echoes of the experienced flavors. The oak influence becomes more prominent here, offering a hint of dry cocoa alongside the fading sweetness, spice, and a touch of sandalwood.

Overall: This Guatemalan rum presents a contemplative sipping experience. It lacks the boldness of some rums, but rewards slow exploration with its subtle interplay of sweetness, spice, earthiness, and tropical fruit notes. The unique and intriguing profile, accented by hints of sandalwood, will appeal to rum enthusiasts who appreciate nuance over flamboyance. While the initial nose might be slightly reserved, the rum unfolds beautifully on the palate, offering a rewarding experience for those who enjoy a more delicate style.

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Berry Bros. & Rudd Classic Range, Guatemala Rum


Undisclosed (possibly linked to Zacapa or Botran)


English Rum


Dark Rum




NAS (No Age Statement)


700 ml


40.5% ABV


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