Highland Park Valfather

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Highland Park Valfather is the last bottle in Highland Park Distillery’s Viking Legend series.

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This is the last bottle in the “Viking Legends” series, Highland Park Valfather 47%.

Highland Park Valfather

The Viking Legend series was released in limited quantities as follows

2017: Valkyrie
2018: Valknoot
2019: Valfather

Highland Park Valfather is named after the Norse god Odin. It is the whisky with the highest percentage of peated malt in the Highland Park lineup, which mimics the power of Odin (though it is not as peaty as it actually drinks). It was aged in refill casks and bottled at 47% abv with no additional coloring.

Highland Park Valfather Tasting Notes

Nose: Intense yet sophisticated smoke fills the nasal passages first, followed by delicate vanilla, pear, green apple skin, and a powerful, heavy floral richness. Underneath, there’s cedar wood, honey, spices of black pepper and nutmeg, and salted caramel followed by heather peat. As time passes, the sea breeze sparkles.

Palate: Huge yet elegant, the flavors are beautifully integrated. Layers of creamy vanilla, apricot yogurt, and crème brûlée interact with notes of censer, iron, and salted almonds. Then there’s bitter orange marmalade, charred wood, and dry earth amidst touches of cocoa powder, toffee apple, and smoked paprika.

Finish: Long and strong finish. The floral smokiness lingers for a while, but is offset by tropical fruit and black pepper.


Product name: Highland Park Valfather
Type: Single malt whiskey
Capacity: 700ml
Production area: Island/Scotland
Distillery: Highland Park
Aging: Non-age
Alcohol: 47%

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