Kanosuke Artist Edition #003

700 ml / 50%
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Kanosuke Artist Edition #003 is a Japanese whisky that captures Kagoshima’s essence, focusing on the “earth” element. Blending malt whiskies from various casks, including ex-shochu, and matured by the sea, it offers a complex and unique taste. The label design, reflecting the earth theme, completes this tribute to Kagoshima’s rich terroir.

Available on back-order, allow 7-10 days to dispatch

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Kanosuke Artist Edition #003 Bottling Note

Kanosuke Artist Edition #003 is a single malt Japanese whisky aiming to capture the essence of Kagoshima prefecture’s diverse landscape, with a particular focus on the element “earth” from the five elements (五行, gogyo).

The whisky achieves this by blending together various components. The base includes malt whiskies matured in used bourbon and red wine casks, along with those that spent time in refill casks previously used for aging shochu, a traditional Japanese spirit. Notably, the shochu casks were specifically those used for black sugar shochu from Amami Oshima, another island in Kagoshima. To add complexity, peated malt whisky is also included in the blend.

The maturation process plays a crucial role as well. The casks are carefully aged in a maturation warehouse situated on a hill overlooking the East China Sea near the Kanosuke distillery in Hioki, Kagoshima. This location is believed to impart unique characteristics to the whisky, drawing inspiration from the sea breeze, the sand of Fukiage Beach (吹上浜, Fukiagehama), and the sight of the weathered wooden casks.

The Artist Edition #003 is not just about the taste; it’s a visual experience too. The label design reflects the “earth” theme, incorporating elements like grass, mud, and sand from the Kagoshima region. This artistic touch emphasizes the connection between the land and the whisky within the bottle.

Overall, Kanosuke Artist Edition #003 is a unique whisky that celebrates the rich terroir of Kagoshima. From the blend of casks to the maturation location and artistic design, every element contributes to a whisky that is both complex and a tribute to its origin.

Kanosuke Artist Edition #003 Tasting Note

Nose: Kanosuke Artist Edition #003 opens with a surprising wave of tropical fruits, passion fruit and banana, mingled with hints of caramel and black tea. This creates an inviting and complex aroma, absent of the expected strong peat smoke.

Palate: The initial sweetness bursts with brown sugar and honey, followed by a warming nikki spice. Hints of summer fruits like melon and peach add a juicy vibrancy. The ex-shochu casks lend a subtle earthiness that grounds the sweetness and introduces a touch of savory complexity.

Finish: The finish is long and satisfying. Rich brown sugar lingers, slowly giving way to a whisper of smoke and a touch of salty minerality. This mineral hint echoes the distillery’s seaside location and subtly reinforces the “earth” theme.

Overall: Kanosuke Artist Edition #03 is a well-blended whisky with a unique and captivating interplay of sweet, smoky, and salty notes. The complexity unfolds with each sip, rewarding slow savoring. This innovative expression showcases the Kanosuke distillery’s spirit and is a recommendation for whisky enthusiasts seeking a flavorful journey.


NOTE: Currently available on backorder. Please allow 7-10 working days for dispatch.

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Weight 2.0 kg

Kanosuke Artist Edition #003


Kanosuke Distillery


Japanese Whisky


Single Malt Whisky


Kagoshima, Japan


No Age Statement (NAS)

Cask Type

Blend of ex-bourbon, ex-red wine, ex-shochu (black sugar), and peated malt casks


700 ml


50% ABV




Limited Edition


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Available on back-order, allow 7-10 days to dispatch

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