Miyagikyo Distillery Limited Blended Whisky

500 ml / 40%


Nikka’s Miyagikyo Distillery Limited Blended Whisky is a special, distillery-exclusive blend. Made with their lighter-bodied Miyagikyo malts, this unique blend offers fruity and floral notes. The cooler climate and use of pot and Coffey stills contribute to its distinct character.

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Miyagikyo Distillery Limited Blended Whisky Bottling Note

A special release from Nikka Whisky, the Miyagikyo Distillery Limited Blended Whisky stands out from their usual offerings. It’s a distillery-exclusive blend, meaning you can only find it for purchase at the Nikka distilleries themselves. This unique blend combines malt whiskies (crafted from malted barley) with grain whiskies (made from other grains like corn or wheat), all exclusively produced at the Miyagikyo Distillery, renowned for its distinctive character.

The Miyagikyo Distillery benefits from a cooler climate This is believed to contribute to the production of lighter-bodied malt whiskies, bursting with floral and fruity notes, compared to those from other regions in Japan. The distillery employs a unique combination of pot stills, which directly heat the whisky, and Coffey stills, utilizing indirect steam heat. This allows for greater control over the whisky’s final flavor profile.

While the exact age and grain composition remain undisclosed, the Miyagikyo malts’ reputation for delicate flavors suggests this blend leans towards a lighter expression, emphasizing the distillery’s signature fruit and floral notes. This distillery exclusive edition bottling presents a valuable opportunity for whisky professionals to explore the unique character of Miyagikyo through a carefully crafted blend.

Miyagikyo Distillery Limited Blended Whisky Tasting Note

Nose: The Miyagikyo Distillery Limited Blended Whisky presents an initial wave of honeydew melon and pear, accented by a subtle hint of fresh green apple. As it sits in the glass, springtime florals like honeysuckle and lily of the valley emerge, mingling with a touch of citrus zest. A restrained cereal note lingers in the background, suggesting the influence of grain whisky.

Palate: The first sip delivers a light and refreshing mouthfeel, coating the tongue with a delicate sweetness. The initial flavor profile mirrors the nose, offering juicy melon and orchard fruits, followed by a burst of floral character. Hints of vanilla bean and baking spice add complexity, while the subtle presence of grain whisky provides a gentle foundation.

Finish: The finish is clean and lingers pleasantly, leaving behind fading melon and floral notes. A touch of oaky spice emerges towards the very end, adding a subtle warming sensation.

Overall: The Miyagikyo Distillery Limited Blended Whisky is a well-balanced expression showcasing the lighter and more delicate side of Nikka’s whisky making. The blend offers a harmonious combination of fresh fruits and floral notes, complemented by hints of spice and a smooth, easy-drinking finish. While the lack of age statement leaves the exact makeup of the whisky undisclosed, the overall impression is one of quality and finesse.

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Miyagikyo Distillery Limited Blended Whisky


Miyagikyo Distillery / Nikka Whisky


Blended Whisky


Miyagi, Japan


NAS (No Age Statement)

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Undisclosed (Likely matured in a combination of casks)


500 ml




Distillery Exclusive (only available for purchase at Nikka distilleries)


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