Old Grand-Dad 114

750 ml / 57%


Old Grand-Dad 114 is a high-proof Kentucky bourbon known for its bold, spicy flavor thanks to a rye grain influence. Aged in charred oak barrels, it offers a smooth taste despite its strength. While harder to find in Europe, this bourbon’s complexity makes it a favorite among enthusiasts.

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Old Grand-Dad 114 Bottling Note

Old Grand-Dad 114 is a bold Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey with a rich history dating back to 1796. It’s a favorite among bourbon enthusiasts for its unique combination of strength and smooth taste.

The key characteristic of Old Grand-Dad 114 is its high alcohol proof. Bottled at 114 proof (57% alcohol by volume), it packs a powerful punch compared to most bourbons, which typically range around 80-100 proof. This higher proof translates to a more intense flavor experience, but surprisingly, Old Grand-Dad 114 manages to maintain a surprising level of smoothness.

This smoothness comes from the aging process. Although the exact details remain a closely guarded secret, Old Grand-Dad 114 is matured in charred oak barrels for an undisclosed amount of time. The charring process imbues the whiskey with rich flavors of caramel, vanilla, and spice, while the extended aging mellows the high alcohol content, resulting in a well-rounded and enjoyable drink.

Another defining characteristic of Old Grand-Dad 114 is its grain mash bill. Unlike many bourbons that rely heavily on corn, Old Grand-Dad 114 incorporates a higher proportion of rye grain. This rye influence contributes a distinct spiciness to the flavor profile, complementing the sweetness of the caramel and vanilla notes.

Old Grand-Dad 114 is a bourbon best appreciated by those who enjoy a more assertive whiskey experience. Some recommend enjoying it neat or with a splash of water to fully appreciate the complex flavors. However, for those who find it a bit too strong neat, Old Grand-Dad 114 also holds its own well in cocktails. The robust flavor profile stands up well to mixers and can add depth and complexity to classic cocktails like the Old Fashioned or the Manhattan.

Finding Old Grand-Dad 114 can be a bit of a challenge in Europe. While it’s still available in some markets, it’s not as widely distributed as it once was. This limited availability has contributed to its reputation as a somewhat rare and sought-after bourbon among collectors and enthusiasts.

So, if you’re looking for a strong, flavorful bourbon with a rich history, Old Grand-Dad 114 is definitely worth seeking out. Just be prepared for a bold and spicy experience that packs a punch.

Old Grand-Dad 114 Tasting Note

Nose: Opens with a burst of baking spices, notably cinnamon and clove, followed by hints of dark fruit like raisin. Subtle oak and char emerge later, suggesting well-integrated barrel influence. As it breathes, notes of caramel and vanilla develop.

Palate: The initial sip delivers a wave of rye spice mirroring the nose. The 114 proof brings a pleasant warmth without overwhelming the flavors. Caramel and vanilla sweetness emerge next, balancing the spice. Hints of dark chocolate and roasted nuts add complexity mid-palate.

Finish: Long and lingering, with the rye spice fading gradually. Oak influence becomes more prominent, leaving a dry sensation. Hints of caramel and vanilla persist alongside the spice, creating a satisfyingly well-rounded conclusion.

Overall: Old Grand-Dad 114 is a bold bourbon with a distinct rye spice character balanced by underlying sweetness and oaky notes. The higher proof adds warmth and complexity, making it a robust choice for bourbon enthusiasts.

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Old Grand-Dad 114


Old Grand-Dad / Beam Suntory


Bourbon Whiskey


Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey




NAS (No Age Statement)

Cask Type

Charred Oak Barrels


750 ml


57% ABV (114 Proof)


Limited Distribution in some markets


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