The Essence of Suntory Yamazaki 2009 Spanish Oak

500 ml / 56%


The Essence of Suntory Yamazaki 2009 Spanish Oak is part of Suntory’s “The Essence of Suntory” series, showcasing unique whiskies. This single malt matured in new oak casks for 9 years, resulting in a complex flavor profile with spice, wood, and sweetness despite its young age. This limited-edition bottle offers a unique twist on Yamazaki’s signature style.

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The Essence of Suntory Yamazaki 2009 Spanish Oak Bottling Note

Showcasing the distillery’s diverse repertoire, the Essence of Suntory series highlights the unique characteristics of various original whiskies used in their blends.

The Essence of Suntory Yamazaki 2009 Spanish Oak: A Unique Experiment in Maturation

Crafted by the revered Yamazaki Distillery in Japan, The Essence of Suntory Yamazaki 2009 Spanish Oak stands out as a special edition single malt whisky with a distinctive twist. Nestled near the ancient city of Kyoto, Yamazaki Distillery boasts a rich history and an ideal environment for whisky production, benefiting from a perfect blend of climate and natural elements. This esteemed distillery is renowned for its exceptional single malts, and the 2009 Spanish Oak edition pushes the boundaries of their craft with an unconventional approach to maturation.

Unlike their standard releases that primarily mature in ex-bourbon casks, the 2009 Spanish Oak takes a bold step by utilizing brand new Spanish oak casks. This choice significantly impacts the final character of the whisky, setting it apart from its traditionally matured counterparts. New oak casks are known to impart more intense flavors to the maturing spirit, and in this case, they contribute pronounced wood notes, hints of spice, and a touch of vanillin sweetness.

While The Essence of Suntory Yamazaki 2009 Spanish Oak spends 9 years maturing, the use of new oak casks accelerates this process and this whisky boasts a complex flavor profile. Bottled at a cask strength of 56% ABV, this whisky retains its full-bodied character and all the natural flavors imparted during maturation. This means the bottling is done without diluting the spirit with water, ensuring an unadulterated taste experience.

A closer look at the flavor profile, based on reviews from whisky enthusiasts, reveals a captivating interplay of aromas and tastes. On the nose, expect enticing notes of caramel, butterscotch, and crème brûlée, all intertwined with a prominent spiciness that stems from the influence of the new oak casks. The palate is described as surprisingly sweet, almost reminiscent of bourbon, with a thick and slightly sharp character. The woody spice carries through to the taste, complemented by hints of charcoal for a truly unique experience.

The Essence of Suntory Yamazaki 2009 Spanish Oak is a limited edition release, making it a coveted bottle for collectors and whisky aficionados alike. Due to its rarity, expect a higher price tag compared to standard Yamazaki offerings. The use of new Spanish oak casks creates a distinct flavor profile that is both bold and complex, offering a chance to experience a Yamazaki single malt with an unconventional twist.

The Essence of Suntory Yamazaki 2009 Spanish Oak Tasting Note

Nose: The first breath reveals a surprising sweetness, almost reminiscent of butterscotch and crème brûlée. Hints of vanilla and caramel weave throughout, creating a rich and inviting aroma. A wave of spice emerges next, a bold pepperiness that can be attributed to the influence of the new Spanish oak casks. This spiciness is both intriguing and assertive, setting the stage for a complex experience.

Palate: The initial sweetness from the nose translates onto the palate, offering a surprisingly smooth and full-bodied mouthfeel for a young whisky. The influence of the new oak becomes even more apparent here, with pronounced wood notes mingling with the sweetness. Hints of cinnamon and clove add another layer of complexity, while a subtle char emerges in the background. Despite the spice and wood notes, the sweetness persists, creating a fascinating interplay of flavors.

Finish: The finish is long and lingering, allowing the various elements of the whisky to unfold slowly. The wood notes linger most prominently, offering a dry yet pleasant sensation. Hints of spice and char linger alongside the wood, with a touch of sweetness providing a final flourish. The overall experience is both bold and satisfying.

Overall: The Essence of Suntory Yamazaki 2009 Spanish Oak is a truly unique exploration in maturation. The use of new Spanish oak casks pushes the boundaries of Yamazaki’s signature style, resulting in a whisky that is both surprisingly sweet and undeniably spicy. While its young age (9 years) might raise an eyebrow, the maturation process is clearly accelerated by the new oak, leading to a complex and well-developed flavor profile. This is a whisky for adventurous palates who appreciate a bold and unconventional expression. The limited-edition nature adds a touch of collectability, making it a special bottle for any Yamazaki enthusiast.

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The Essence of Suntory Yamazaki 2009 Spanish Oak


Yamazaki Distillery / Suntory


Single Malt Whisky


Osaka, Japan


9 Years Old

Cask Type

New Spanish Oak


500 ml


56% ABV






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