Very Olde St. Nick Ancient Cask 12 Resurrection

750 ml / 51.7%


Very Olde St. Nick’s Ancient Cask 12 Resurrection is a rare bourbon, sought after for its rich flavor. Though mainly found in Japan, it’s crafted with just a few select barrels for a complex taste, a signature of the Ancient Cask series.

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Very Olde St. Nick Ancient Cask 12 Resurrection Bottling Note

Very Olde St. Nick Ancient Cask 12 Resurrection, a bourbon from Olde St. Nick Distillery, is now bottled by the Preservation Distillery.

Very Olde St. Nick (VOSN) is a unique bourbon brand with a fascinating history. While the label depicts a mythical “Grandpa Nick,” the brand’s origin is more grounded. Founded in 1986 by Marci Palatella, VOSN capitalized on the Japanese demand for aged bourbon.

The “Very Olde St. Nick” brand boasts a rich history, stubbornly maintaining its focus on quality and tradition. However, it’s important to clarify that Very Olde St. Nick wasn’t always a distillery. Originally, the brand sourced whiskey from various suppliers, including Stitzel-Weller (a theory) and Heaven Hill (confirmed). This practice changed with the opening of The Preservation Distillery in Kentucky. Today, they produce their own bourbon, ensuring greater control over the quality and character of the spirit.

Despite its limited availability in the US, with distribution concentrated almost exclusively in Japan, the Very Olde St. Nick Ancient Cask 12 Resurrection remains a coveted expression within the brand. Crafted from a selection of meticulously aged barrels, only a handful are chosen to create each bottling. This results in a marriage of harmony and richness, a hallmark of the Very Olde St. Nick Ancient Cask series.

Very Olde St. Nick Ancient Cask 12 Resurrection Tasting Note

Nose: Warm spice and aged notes intertwine, offering hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla bean, and subtle oak char. Deeper sniffs reveal dried fruit like raisin and cherry, suggesting extended cask aging. A touch of honey sweetness completes the inviting and complex aroma.

Palate: The rich mouthfeel delivers on the promise of warm spice, coating the tongue gently. Oak influence intensifies, presenting caramel, toffee, and a touch of dryness. Unexpected dark chocolate emerges mid-palate, adding complexity. Subtle honey sweetness balances the oak and spice.

Finish: Long and warming, the oak lingers pleasantly with fading spice notes, leaving a touch of cinnamon and dried fruit. A final whisper of honey sweetness reinforces the impression of refinement and complexity.

Overall: Very Olde St. Nick Ancient Cask 12 Resurrection is a well-aged, meticulously crafted bourbon. The interplay of spice, oak, and subtle sweetness creates a captivating experience. The long, warming finish leaves a lasting impression of quality. While the source remains a mystery, the craftsmanship and attention to detail are undeniable.

Product details

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Very Olde St. Nick Ancient Cask 12 Resurrection


Preservation Distillery (Current Bottler)


Bourbon Whiskey


Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey




NAS (No Age Statement)

Cask Type

Virgin Oak Casks


750 ml


51.7% ABV


Limited (primarily in Japan)


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