Yoichi Distillery Limited Blended Whisky

500 ml / 40%
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Nikka’s Yoichi Distillery Limited Blended Whisky is a unique blend of malt whiskies from their Hokkaido distillery. Bottled at 40% ABV and limited edition, it offers a potential taste of Yoichi’s signature coastal and smoky notes, balanced by grain whisky for a smoother finish.

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Yoichi Distillery Limited Blended Whisky Bottling Note

Deviating from their standard single malt bottlings, Nikka presents the Yoichi Distillery Limited Blended Whisky, a unique exploration within their prestigious portfolio. This marriage of various malt whiskies solely produced at the Yoichi distillery in Hokkaido, Japan, sparks intrigue. While details on the specific malt components and their ratios remain undisclosed, the 40% ABV bottling adheres to the standard for Japanese whisky and arrives in a smaller 500ml format, subtly hinting at its limited-edition nature.

The Yoichi distillery’s signature characteristics are poised to influence this blend. The cold coastal climate historically contributes briny or seaweed notes, while the use of direct coal-fired pot stills is known to impart bold, toasty elements. When skillfully woven together, these elements have the potential to create a symphony of flavors within the blend.

Unlike the official Yoichi Single Malt NA, this limited edition utilizes grain whisky alongside the malt components. This strategic inclusion by Nikka’s blenders can achieve a two-fold effect: firstly, the grain component can add maturity and roundness, potentially masking any youthful harshness from the malt whiskies. Secondly, the grain can serve as a platform to elevate the unique Yoichi character, resulting in a well-balanced finish that showcases the distillery’s spirit in a new light.

Yoichi Distillery Limited Blended Whisky Tasting Note

Nose: Light and inviting aromas of citrus peel and melon mingle with subtle vanilla custard sweetness. As it opens up, a touch of smoke emerges, accompanied by a whisper of brine, hinting at the coastal influence. Peppery spice builds gradually, adding complexity.

Palate: The arrival is surprisingly smooth and creamy for a 40% ABV whisky. Initial sweetness translates with notes of honey and orchard fruits, balanced by toasted malt and gentle, lingering smoke. Peppery spice from the nose carries through, adding warmth.

Finish: Medium-length finish with fading toasted malt and smoke. A subtle wave of brine reminds of Yoichi’s maritime roots, while faint sweetness lingers, leaving a pleasant and well-rounded impression.

Overall: Yoichi Distillery Limited Blended Whisky is a surprisingly smooth and well-balanced blend. While the lack of an age statement makes maturity uncertain, it showcases signature Yoichi characteristics – subtle smoke and brine – in a more approachable way compared to some single malts. The inclusion of grain whisky likely adds maturity and roundness, allowing the unique Yoichi character to shine through.

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Yoichi Distillery Limited Blended Whisky


Yoichi Distillery / Nikka Whisky


Japanese Whisky


Blended Whisky


Hokkaido, Japan


NAS (No Age Statement)

Cask Type



500 ml


40% ABV


Distillery Exclusive (only available for purchase at Nikka distilleries)


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