Yoichi Peaty & Salty Distillery Limited

700 ml / 55%
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The Yoichi Distillery (Hokkaido, Japan) releases a distillery-exclusive single malt, the Yoichi Peaty & Salty. This expression deviates from the distillery’s standard bottlings, showcasing a bolder profile with a pronounced peaty influence on the nose and palate.

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Yoichi Peaty & Salty Distillery Limited Bottling Note

Yoichi Peaty & Salty Distillery Limited is a single malt whisky produced by the renowned Yoichi Distillery in Hokkaido, Japan. Unlike their standard bottlings, the Peaty & Salty is a distillery exclusive, meaning you can only find it for purchase by visiting the Yoichi Distillery itself. This special whisky is crafted to showcase a different side of Yoichi’s character, with a focus on bolder flavors compared to their usual expressions.

The Peaty & Salty lives up to its name, offering a distinct peat influence on the nose and palate. Peat is a type of smoked turf used in the malting process, and it imparts characteristic smoky, earthy aromas and flavors to the whisky. This smokiness is balanced by a pronounced salty character, creating a unique and complex taste profile that some describe as reminiscent of Islay whiskies, a region in Scotland known for its heavily peated expressions.

While the peat and salt take center stage, the Peaty and Salty still retains the essence of the Yoichi house style. Hints of vanilla, caramel, and oak mingle with the smokiness, creating a harmonious and well-rounded experience. The finish is described as medium-length, with a lingering touch of salt that keeps you wanting more.

This limited-edition bottling has garnered a reputation among whisky enthusiasts due to its unique flavor profile and exclusivity. It provides a glimpse into a lesser-explored facet of Yoichi’s character and embodies the innovative spirit of Nikka whisky.

Yoichi Peaty & Salty Distillery Limited Tasting Note

Nose: The opening delivers a powerful peat influence, marked by earthiness, iodine, and hints of seaweed. This smokiness is surprisingly balanced by notes of vanilla bean and tropical fruits like mango and guava. A touch of brine solution adds a layer of salty minerality, creating a complex aromatic profile.

Palate: The peat smoke carries through onto the palate, coating the tongue with a smoky char reminiscent of campfire embers. The promised salinity emerges alongside the smoke, evoking a sip of seawater on a windswept beach. Despite the bold peaty character, hints of vanilla and caramel sweetness manage to persist, creating an interesting interplay with the savory elements. The mouthfeel is oily and luxurious, leaving a lingering warmth on the tongue.

Finish: The finish is long and warming, with the peat smoke slowly receding to reveal lingering notes of brine, seaweed, and a touch of caramel sweetness. A hint of black pepper spice adds a pleasant kick at the very end.

Overall: The Yoichi Peaty & Salty Distillery Limited is a bold and innovative expression that deviates from the typical Yoichi house style. The peat smoke is prominent and assertive, yet surprisingly balanced by notes of sweetness and a pronounced salinity. This is a whisky that will appeal to adventurous palates who appreciate complex and smoky drams. While the lack of an age statement makes it difficult to pinpoint the exact maturation process, the overall experience is well-rounded and harmonious.

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Yoichi Peaty & Salty Distillery Limited


Yoichi Distillery / Nikka Whisky


Single Malt Whisky


Hokkaido, Japan


NAS (No Age Statement)

Cask Type

Not Disclosed


500 ml


55.0% ABV


Distillery Exclusive (Yoichi Distillery)


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