Yoichi Sherry & Sweet Distillery Limited

700 ml / 55%
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Yoichi Sherry & Sweet Distillery Limited is a limited edition, distillery-exclusive single malt whisky. It features a unique profile thanks to ex-oloroso sherry cask maturation, offering dried fruit, baking spice, and a hint of smokiness alongside the Yoichi malt character.

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Yoichi Sherry & Sweet Distillery Limited Bottling Note

The Yoichi Distillery (Hokkaido, Japan) releases a distillery-exclusive single malt, the Yoichi Sherry & Sweet. This expression deviates from the distillery’s typical profile of delicate fruits and floral notes, showcasing the influence of ex-oloroso sherry casks. Oloroso sherry, known for its dry and nutty character, readily imparts these complexities to the final spirit.

The nose offers a rich and inviting interplay of dried fruits (raisin, prune, fig) and baking spices (cinnamon, nutmeg), reflecting the combined influence of sherry cask maturation and traditional oak casks. Hints of caramel, toffee, and chocolate further accentuate the sherry contribution.

On the palate, the sweetness from the sherry casks takes center stage, presenting raisin, date, and honey notes alongside a warming 55% ABV. The malty base spirit and a touch of oak tannin provide a welcome balance, preventing an overly cloying character. Some tasters may detect a subtle smokiness, a signature touch of the Yoichi house style that occasionally peeks through the sherry influence.

The finish is medium-length, with the sweet and spicy notes gradually fading. A touch of drying oak tannin lingers on the tongue, adding a final layer of complexity.

This limited-edition bottling, sought after for its unique profile, showcases the transformative power of sherry cask maturation on Yoichi’s signature malt. It offers a glimpse into a lesser-explored facet of the esteemed distillery.

Yoichi Sherry & Sweet Distillery Limited Tasting Note

Nose: Rich and inviting with dried fruits (raisin, prune, fig) accented by warm spices (cinnamon, nutmeg). Hints of caramel, toffee, and dark chocolate further suggest sherry cask influence.

Palate: Sherry character dominates with raisin, date, and honey notes, balanced by the malty base spirit and oak tannin. A subtle smokiness adds intrigue.

Finish: Medium-length with fading sweet and spicy notes, leaving a pleasantly astringent touch.

Overall: A bold expression showcasing sherry cask maturation. Sweetness is balanced by malt and oak, with a touch of Yoichi smokiness.

Product details

Weight 2.0 kg

Yoichi Sherry & Sweet Distillery Limited


Yoichi Distillery / Nikka Whisky


Single Malt Whisky


Hokkaido, Japan


NAS (No Age Statement)

Cask Type

Ex-Oloroso Sherry Casks


500 ml


55.0% ABV


Distillery Exclusive (Yoichi Distillery)


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