AMAHAGAN World Malt Edition Yamazakura Wood Finish

700 ml / 47%


AMAHAGAN Yamazakura Wood Finish is a unique blended whisky. It combines international malts with a Yamazakura wood finish, creating a complex flavor profile with notes of cherry blossom, spice, and a smooth finish. This award-winning whisky embodies innovation and tradition from Nagahama Distillery.

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AMAHAGAN World Malt Edition Yamazakura Wood Finish Bottling Note

Crafted from a unique collaboration, AMAHAGAN World Malt Edition Yamazakura Wood Finish is a blended whisky where international malts meet the meticulous expertise of Japan’s Nagahama Distillery. As its foundation, it uses Edition No. 1, a masterful blend of carefully chosen malt whiskies from around the globe. This base is then elevated through a distinctive finishing touch: additional maturation in Yamazakura (Japanese cherry wood) casks, setting AMAHAGAN Yamazakura truly apart.

This final aging step infuses the whisky with subtle yet distinct characteristics. The familiar malty sweetness of Nagahama’s own malts remains present, harmonizing with a soft, floral quality reminiscent of cherry blossoms and traditional Japanese treats like sakura mochi or ume. Hints of orange peel and blackstrap molasses, hallmarks of the AMAHAGAN series, also peek through, creating a complex and layered aroma.

On the palate, AMAHAGAN Yamazakura delivers a burst of sweetness that unfolds further with each sip. The Yamazakura wood influence adds a touch of elegance, with delicate notes some describe as reminiscent of sandalwood. The overall experience is smooth and well-rounded, with a lingering aftertaste that offers a pleasant tannic dryness, similar to a fine black tea.

Bottled at a strength of 47% ABV, this award-winning whisky (having earned the WWA2022’s highest category award) preserves its full character and depth of flavor.

Beyond its taste profile, AMAHAGAN Yamazakura Wood Finish embodies the concept of bridging tradition and contemporary influences. The use of world malts reflects a global perspective, while the finishing touch in Yamazakura casks adds a distinctly Japanese flair. This whisky is a testament to Nagahama Distillery’s dedication to pushing boundaries while honoring its heritage.

AMAHAGAN World Malt Edition Yamazakura Wood Finish Tasting Note

Nose: On the nose, a familiar wave of malty sweetness, a signature of Nagahama’s own malts, greets you first. But then, something unexpected emerges: a soft floral character, like a gentle breeze carrying the delicate scent of cherry blossoms. This floral note is further complemented by subtle hints of orange peel, adding a touch of citrus zest, and blackstrap molasses, lending a hint of earthy sweetness. These aromas weave together to create a layered and intriguing bouquet.

Palate: The first sip is a revelation. The initial burst of sweetness unfolds further, revealing layers of honeyed malt and hints of vanilla. The Yamazakura wood influence then takes center stage, adding a touch of spice that some might describe as reminiscent of sandalwood. This elegant spice note perfectly complements the sweetness, creating a harmonious balance. The texture is smooth and well-rounded, coating the tongue with a luxurious feel.

Finish: As the whisky lingers on the finish, a pleasant tannic dryness emerges, similar to the character of a fine black tea. This dryness lingers pleasantly, leaving you wanting another sip to explore the depths of flavor once again.

Overall: AMAHAGAN Yamazakura Wood Finish is a truly unique and captivating whisky. It’s a testament to Nagahama Distillery’s innovative spirit, successfully bridging the gap between international influences and a distinctly Japanese touch. The whisky is complex and layered, offering a delightful journey for both seasoned whisky enthusiasts and those new to exploring the world of Japanese whisky.

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AMAHAGAN World Malt Edition Yamazakura Wood Finish


Nagahama Distillery


Blended Malt Whisky


Shiga, Japan


NAS (No Age Statement)

Cask Type

Base: Ex-bourbon & Others, Finish: Yamazakura (Japanese Cherry Wood)


700 ml


47% ABV


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