Kanosuke Single Malt 2022 Limited Edition

700 ml / 59%


Kanosuke Single Malt 2022 Limited Edition boasts a smooth, delicate flavor thanks to unpeated malt and sherry cask aging. This special release embodies the distillery’s focus on “MELLOW LAND, MELLOW WHISKY”.

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Kanosuke Single Malt 2022 Limited Edition Bottling Note

Embodying the Kanosuke Distillery’s philosophy of “MELLOW LAND, MELLOW WHISKY,” the Kanosuke Single Malt 2022 Limited Edition is a special release of Japanese whisky crafted for a smooth and flavorful experience.

This limited release showcases unpeated malt barley for a pristine, nuanced base, with sherry casks taking center stage. Their influence is readily apparent, imparting a spectrum of rich, fruity notes and a touch of sweetness that underpins the entire expression. However, the complexity extends beyond the sherry. Through vatting, the distillery incorporates malt whisky matured in various unspecified oak casks, resulting in a more layered and intricate flavor profile.

After a minimum of three years of maturation, the various whiskies are vatted and bottled at cask strength, preserving their full character and the influence of the casks. This bottling process, without dilution with water, allows the distiller’s expertise to shine through.

The finished product is a 59% ABV single malt whisky boasting a reddish amber color. The aroma is described as rich and inviting, with hints of lemon tea, honey, ume (a type of Japanese plum), and even nikki (a spice similar to cinnamon). The taste is equally complex, offering notes of dried berries, coffee candy, and a touch of woodiness. The finish lingers on the palate, described as spicy and pleasantly bitter-sweet.

Aimed at discerning palates, the Kanosuke Single Malt 2022 Limited Edition is a premium Japanese whisky.

Kanosuke Single Malt 2022 Limited Edition Tasting Note

Nose: The Kanosuke Single Malt 2022 Limited Edition opens with a rich and inviting nose. Aromatic notes of lemon tea and honey mingle with hints of sweet and tart ume plum, offering a refreshing citrus character. A touch of nikki spice adds a surprising element of warmth and complexity.

Palate: The initial sip delivers a burst of flavor that reflects the enticing nose. Dried red berries take center stage, followed by subtle notes of chocolate and coffee candy. The influence of the sherry cask becomes apparent, adding a touch of sweetness that balances the fruity character. A subtle woodiness lingers in the background, hinting at the whisky’s maturation.

Finish: The finish is long and lingering, leaving a pleasant warmth and a spicy echo reminiscent of nikki cinnamon. The sweetness from the sherry cask remains subtle, intertwined with a faint astringency that recalls ume plum.

Overall: The Kanosuke Single Malt 2022 Limited Edition is a complex and harmonious whisky. The interplay between the delicate malt base, the rich fruitiness of the sherry casks, and the unexpected notes of spice creates a captivating drinking experience.

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Kanosuke Single Malt 2022 Limited Edition


Kanosuke Distillery


Single Malt Whisky


Kagoshima, Japan


Minimum 3 years

Cask Type

Sherry casks, unspecified oak casks


700 ml


59% ABV


2022 (exact date may vary)


Limited Release (May be difficult to find)


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