Yoichi Woody & Vanillic Distillery Limited

700 ml / 55%
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Yoichi Woody & Vanillic Distillery Limited is a rare, distillery-exclusive single malt with a focus on oak and vanilla notes. Likely matured in traditional oak casks (possibly ex-bourbon), it offers a sweeter, woodier profile compared to typical Yoichi malts.

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Yoichi Woody & Vanillic Distillery Limited Bottling Note

The Yoichi Distillery (Hokkaido, Japan) releases a distillery-exclusive single malt, the Yoichi Woody & Vanillic. This expression deviates from the Yoichi house style, emphasizing oak and vanilla notes. While maturation details are undisclosed, it likely spends significant time in traditional oak casks, leading to prominent wood influence.

Ex-bourbon casks, known for imparting vanilla, caramel, and baking spice character, are a possible maturation element, explaining the prominent vanilla notes. Refill casks, offering subtler oak influence than virgin casks, could also be employed.

The lack of an age statement makes pinpointing the exact maturation process difficult. Speculation suggests the Yoichi Woody & Vanillic might be a younger expression, where oak and vanilla notes are often more pronounced.

Despite limited information, the anticipated profile offers a delightful interplay of woody and sweet flavors. The nose is expected to be dominated by vanilla bean, complemented by hints of oak spice (cinnamon, clove). Fruity notes, a signature of Yoichi malts, might add complexity.

This limited-edition, distillery-exclusive bottling is a sought-after expression. It offers a unique glimpse into a lesser-explored facet of the Yoichi character, showcasing a sweeter and woodier profile compared to their standard releases.

Yoichi Woody & Vanillic Distillery Limited Tasting Note

Nose: Inviting aroma with prominent vanilla bean sweetness, complemented by hints of wood spice (cinnamon, clove, nutmeg). Subtle Yoichi fruit notes (apple, pear) add freshness.

Palate: Oak influence becomes more evident, offering toasted wood alongside lingering vanilla. Baking spice (clove) and grainy sweetness from the malt are present. Signature Yoichi fruit notes are subdued, but a hint of orchard fruit adds elegance.

Finish: Medium-length with fading oak and vanilla notes. A pleasant astringency from drying oak tannin balances the sweetness.

Overall: A unique expression showcasing the influence of oak and vanilla on Yoichi malt. Smoother and more approachable with underlying oak and spice complexity. A limited-edition gem for fans of Yoichi.

Product details

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Yoichi Woody & Vanillic Distillery Limited


Yoichi Distillery / Nikka Whisky


Single Malt Whisky


Hokkaido, Japan


NAS (No Age Statement)

Cask Type

(Presumed) Traditional Oak Casks (Possible Ex-Bourbon)


500 ml


55% ABV


Distillery Exclusive (Yoichi Distillery)


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