Amahagan Saint Seiya Gold Saint Series Complete Set (12 bottles)

12 x 700 ml / 47-50%
Total weight at 24 kg


Produced by the Nagahama Distillery, this whisky series is inspired by the Saint Seiya characters. Each bottle features a Gold Saint on the label, celebrating the heroes of the popular manga/anime.

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Amahagan Saint Seiya Gold Saint Series Bottling Note

The Saint Seiya Gold Saint Whiskey Series is a collaboration between the legendary manga/anime Saint Seiya and Nagahama Distillery. In this “Saint Seiya Gold Saint Whiskey Series”, the golden label and presentation box depicting the heroic figures of Saint Seiya wearing the golden holy clothes shine brightly.

Each bottle features a specific Gold Saint from Saint Seiya, including characters of Sagittarius Aiolos, Capricorn Shura, Aquarius Camus, Pisces Aphrodite, Aries Mu, Taurus Aldebaran, Gemini Saga, Cancer Deathmask, Leo Aiolia, Virgo Shaka, Libra Dohko, and Scorpio Milo.

About the Saint Seiya Manga/Anime

Saint Seiya is a work by Masami Kurumada that began serialization in 1985, and was made into a TV anime in 1986. The film depicts the story of Seiya, a young boy who becomes a saint of the goddess (Athena) after six years of rigorous training in order to destroy the evil that spreads in this world, and how he grows and fights with his fellow saints who are in the same situation. It’s a story.

Saints have served the goddess Athena since mythical times, and they wear protective gear called crosses that resemble the 88 constellations that shine in the sky as their guardians. Among them, in the sanctuary, the 12 highest-ranking saints who protect the “zodiac signs” on the only road leading to the temple of Athena and wear golden holy clothes are called “gold saints.” , is extremely popular among fans of the work.

Details and Whisky Concepts of Each Bottle

Sagittarius Aiolos (Blend, 700ml,  47%)

Aeolus, a Sagittarius, is a Gold Saint who protects the Jinma, one of the zodiac signs in the Sanctuary. He was a man of great character, wisdom, courage, and popularity, and was considered to be the next pope. His will, which values justice and truth, still resides in Sagittarius’ Golden Cloth (Gold Cross). This product, inspired by him, uses long-aged grain whiskey with a strong key malt and wood aroma. It is exquisitely blended with malt whiskey aged for 30 years. The strong core flavor created by the weight of time evokes the unwavering spirit of Aeolus, who continues to protect the goddess (Athena) even in death.

Capricorn Shura (Blended Malt, 700ml,  47%)

Shura, a Capricorn who protects the Magi Palace, is the best taijutsu user of the Gold Saints. Her hand sword, which boasts immense power even in her highly honed body, is called “Excalibur,” a sacred sword that can cut through anything. Inspired by his stubborn beliefs and being described as “the most loyal saint to the goddess,” this product uses malt whiskey with a strong and strong flavor for all of its constituent whiskeys. The firmness of duty that once stood in the way as a powerful enemy, but when he admits his mistake, he sacrifices his own life to retaliate, is expressed by contrasting the unique scent produced by peat with the soft sweetness.

Aquarius Camus (Blend, 700ml,  47%)

Camus is an Aquarius Gold Saint who protects the Palace of the Treasure Bottle and is the master of Hyoga and Isaac. Contrary to his ice-cold and harsh words and deeds, his feelings for his disciple were passionate, and he risked his life to lead Hyoga to the realm of absolute zero, and inherit his own special techniques. This product, inspired by him, successfully connects multiple unique young malts with a mature grain whiskey aged over 30 years. Please enjoy the collision of the microcosm (cosmo) of a master who continues to strive for ruthlessness and a disciple who challenges him with all his might, along with the clear sound of rock ice.

Pisces Aphrodite (Blend, 700ml,  47%)

Aphrodite, a Pisces, is known as the most beautiful of all the Saints, and is known as the “Beautiful Warrior who shines between heaven and earth.” He is a Gold Saint who protects not only the Temple of Fish but also the path leading to the Pope’s Hall with the highly poisonous Demon Rose. Inspired by her appearance and dancing roses, malt whiskey aged in red wine barrels is used as part of the blend. The ferocity of black roses and the deadly threat of white roses are expressed with a highly aggressive grain whiskey that has been aged for over 20 years. This is a whiskey with an elegant and gorgeous flavor that shows the spirit of the man who asserted that “power is justice.”

Aries Mu (Blend, 700ml,  47%)

Mu is the Gold Saint who protects the Palace of the White Sheep and is the only being in modern times who can repair the Holy Cloth. His skills, which make full use of supernatural powers such as psychokinesis and teleportation, are said to be unique among all Saints. This product was inspired by his always calm, thoughtful, and dignified demeanor without flaunting his abilities, and uses a non-peated malt whiskey with a soft flavor as a key malt. By adding long-aged grain whiskey and sherry-type whiskey to this, we created a whiskey with a soothing woody finish and warmth. It is a dish that makes you feel the profound inclusive power that watched over and guided Seiya and his friends.

Taurus Aldebaran (Blend, 700ml,  50%)

Aldebaran, who protects the Golden Bull, is over two meters tall and has a strong body, making him unparalleled among the Saints, earning him the nickname “Golden Bull.” He is also the first Gold Saint, who fought with Seiya and the others as the protector of the Zodiac, demonstrating his overwhelming power. Inspired by his wildness, it is bottled at 50% alcohol content, which is higher than other Gold Saint whiskey series. He’s truly an unrepentant man, a big brother who honestly believes in the justice he feels, but also has a kind-hearted side.He boldly expresses this, with a strong, strong frame and bitter accents, giving you the feeling of warm peat behind him. It’s a blended whisky.

Gemini Saga (Blend, 700ml,  47%)

Saga is the guardian of the Twin Palace and has the most power among the Gold Saints. He has both a stern and gentle personality praised as the “incarnation of God” and a personality as the “incarnation of evil” who does not hesitate to kill even the Pope and the goddess (Athena). He was at the mercy of Seiya and the others who were trying to save him. This whisky, named after him, has a rich and noble sherry flavor with a dark smokiness creeping behind it. The two different features do not conflict and maintain a perfect balance. Please enjoy the tense taste that shows various faces depending on the amount of water added.

Cancer Deathmask (Blend, 700ml,  47%)

The sign of the Giant Crab is filled with countless human-faced spirits – its guardian, and the person who took their lives is the Death Mask of Cancer. He freely travels between this world and Yomi Hirasaka, and has a unique technique that sends the souls of his opponents to the underworld.He believes that “justice is the ultimate winner,” and supports fighting and slaughter. He has a cruel and cruel heart, which is rare among Gold Saints. This whiskey, inspired by him, is a blend of several types of peat-type whiskey. This is a blended whiskey that stands out in the Gold Saint series, with layers of smoky aroma that resembles burning hellfire, and a sharp and crisp mouthfeel.

Leo Aiolia (Blend, 700ml,  47%)

A Gold Saint who protects the Lion’s Womb, and the younger brother of Sagittarius Aeolus. He is known as the “Ferocious Lion Hero” due to his fair personality, which does not like tricks, and his ability to control opponents with his fists at the speed of light, and is respected by Seiya and the others as a person who understands them. This whiskey, which expresses his direct and earnest way of life, is characterized by a fruity aroma, a plump body, and an honest taste with a sweetness derived from the barrel. Although it is a straightforward, honest, and pleasant whisky, there is a hint of peat in the middle that faintly reminds us of the bitterness of being brainwashed by the Pope, albeit temporarily.

Virgo Shaka (Blend, 700ml,  47%)

He is a Gold Saint who protects the Virgin Temple, and is a powerful man known as “the man closest to God.” His deep insight allows him to see through much and see the true nature of things. He always closes his eyes and heightens his Cosmo, and unleashes the “Six Paths of Reincarnation”, a ruthless technique that sends his opponent into six worlds. Taking inspiration from this, Shinjuku Whiskey Salon Shizutani and the blender at Nagahama Distillery carefully selected six unique whiskeys. We carefully blended each whiskey to bring out its individuality without sacrificing its sense of unity. It has a complex flavor with many different characteristics.

Libra Dohko (Blend, 700ml,  47%)

A Libra Gold Saint who lives quietly in the Five Lao Peaks of China. He is Shiryu’s teacher and is respected by the other Saints as well, calling him “Roshi.” He was actually one of the few survivors of the previous Holy War 243 years ago, and was secretly tasked with monitoring Hades’ army. For this holy war, I will use a secret method to revive my body from its prime, which had been dormant within my old body. He is the only one among the Gold Saints to wear a holy cloth (cloth) equipped with weapons, and in order to express him, his young body contains the experience and wisdom gained over many years. Uses constituent unblended sake. The fresh flavor, deep aging, and the oriental flavor of Mizunara barrel unblended sake are in perfect harmony.

Scorpio Milo (Blend, 700ml,  47%)

A proud Gold Saint who protects the Tenkatsu Shrine. Although he has a violent temper, he has a strong friendship, and after the death of Camus, with whom he had a close friendship, he served as the guardian of Hyoga, his disciple. The attacks unleashed from his fingertips stimulate the opponent’s nerves like the venom of a scorpion, depriving them of their senses with severe pain and paralysis, forcing them to choose between surrender or death. This whiskey uses a sherry brandy barrel-aged whiskey with a spicy flavor as one of the constituent whiskeys to express his signature special move “Scarlet Needle”. We have created an exciting blend with a brilliant aroma like flying sparks, a rich sweetness, and a spicy accent that runs through it.

Product details

Weight 24.0 kg

Amahagan Saint Seiya Gold Saint Series Complete Set


Nagahama Distillery


Blend / Blended Malt


Shiga, Japan


NAS (No Age Statement)

Cask Type

Oak casks


700 ml each


47% / 50%






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