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Junenmyo Noir is a smoky Japanese blend from Wakatsuru, named after a local canola field. It combines peated malt from their Saburomaru distillery with other whiskies for a complex, well-rounded flavor. Bottled at 46% ABV, it’s likely matured and ideal for those seeking a bolder whisky experience.

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Junenmyo Noir Bottling Note

Junenmyo Noir is a Japanese blended whiskey produced by Wakatsuru, a company with a long history of sake brewing dating back to 1862. The whiskey is crafted using a blend of malt and grain whiskies, with the key malt component coming from Wakatsuru’s own Saburomaru distillery, the only whisky distillery in Toyama prefecture (the Hokuriku region) of Japan.

The name “Junenmyo” itself is steeped in local history. It refers to a specific area near the Saburomaru distillery, once known for vast fields of canola flowers cultivated for lamp oil. The name translates to “ten years of light,” a poetic reference to the illuminating power of these fields. This name reflects the spirit behind the whiskey – a desire to create a beverage that warms and enlightens the hearts of those who drink it.

Junenmyo Noir is known for its rich and smoky flavor profile. The use of malted barley smoked with peat contributes these distinctive characteristics. The blending process incorporates various other whiskies, likely including imported Scotch grain whiskies, to add depth and complexity to the final product. This results in a well-rounded whiskey with a smooth character, despite the smoky influence.

While specific details about the aging process are not publicly available, Junenmyo Noir is bottled at 46% alcohol by volume (ABV), suggesting a spirit with some maturity. This higher ABV bottling is likely intended for enthusiasts who appreciate a bolder and more flavorful whiskey experience.

Overall, Junenmyo Noir represents a unique expression of Japanese whisky blending. It combines the smokiness of peated malt with the finesse of blending to create a distinctive and flavorful whiskey. If you’re interested in exploring the world of Japanese whisky beyond the usual suspects, Junenmyo Noir is definitely worth seeking out.

Tasting note

Nose: The Junenmyo Noir opens with a nose that intrigues as much as it entices. A gentle wave of peat smoke rolls forward, reminiscent of a campfire on a cool evening. Beneath the smoke lies a layer of orchard fruits, pears and apples fighting playfully for attention. A hint of honeyed sweetness peeks through, adding a touch of complexity.

Palate: The first sip coats the palate like a luxurious velvet robe. The smoke influence is more restrained here, playing a supporting role to the star of the show – malty richness. Hints of vanilla and toasted oak emerge, mingling with the fruit from the nose to create a harmonious blend. A touch of spice, like a whisper of white pepper, adds a lively intrigue.

Finish: The finish is surprisingly long, leaving a pleasant warmth lingering on the tongue. The smoke gently reasserts itself, dancing gracefully with the fading sweetness of the fruit and malt. There’s a subtle salinity present, a subtle nod to the coastal influence on the distillery.

Overall: Overall, the Junenmyo Noir is a captivating blend that walks a tightrope between smoky depth and smooth approachability. The peat influence is present but never overpowering, allowing the other elements of the whiskey to shine. It’s a complex and engaging dram that rewards thoughtful sipping, a worthy exploration for both seasoned whisky enthusiasts and curious newcomers.

Junenmyo Noir Details

Name Junenmyo Noir
Distillery/Brand Saburomaru  (Wakatsuru)
Style Blended whisky
Region Toyama, Japan
Age No age statement
Cask Type Likely a blend of various casks, including ex-bourbon and potentially ex-sherry
Volume 700ml
Alcohol 46% ABV
Released Ongoing
Availability Fairly available in Japan

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