AMAHAGAN World Malt Edition No.3 Mizunara Wood Finish

700 ml / 47%


The Nagahama Distillery’s AMAHAGAN World Malt Edition No.3 Mizunara Wood Finish is a blended malt whisky. It combines imported malts with their own, then finishes them in Mizunara casks for a unique flavor profile with notes of spice, fruit, and smokiness.

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AMAHAGAN World Malt Edition No.3 Mizunara Wood Finish Bottling Note

AMAHAGAN World Malt Edition No.3 Mizunara Wood Finish is a blended malt whisky crafted by the Nagahama Distillery, nestled in the city of Nagahama, Japan. Established in 2016, Nagahama boasts the title of being one of the smallest distilleries in the country. Despite its size, it produces world-class whisky using traditional Scottish methods.

This particular expression is the third installment in their World Malt Edition series. It starts with a base of meticulously blended imported malt whiskies, carefully chosen to create a specific flavor profile. To elevate this foundation, Nagahama adds their own malt whisky, bringing a touch of local character to the blend.

The intriguing twist comes with the finishing touch. After the initial maturation process, AMAHAGAN World Malt Edition No.3 is treated to a secondary maturation period in Mizunara casks. Mizunara, also known as Japanese oak, is a highly sought-after wood for whisky aging due to its unique properties. It imparts a distinctive layer of oriental spice, sandalwood, and incense aromas to the whisky, along with a touch of creamy sweetness that complements the base malts.

The final product is a whisky with a beautiful pale amber color. On the nose, you’ll find the classic sweetness of malt intertwined with hints of warm fruits like orange and red apple. As you delve deeper, the influence of the Mizunara emerges, gifting the whisky with a touch of spice and a woody character. With time, the aroma unfolds further, revealing hints of sweet caramel and a pleasant underlying smokiness.

The taste is led by a wave of sweetness, reminiscent of baked oranges, apple compote, and chocolate chip cookies. This sweetness is balanced by a subtle bitterness reminiscent of dark chocolate, followed by a return of the intriguing spicy and woody notes detected on the nose. The finish is long and complex, leaving a lingering aftertaste that combines the sweetness of the malt with the gentle smokiness of the Mizunara cask.

AMAHAGAN World Malt Edition No.3 Mizunara Wood Finish is a testament to Nagahama’s dedication to the art of whisky blending. It’s a whisky that celebrates the marriage of traditional Scottish techniques with the unique character of Japanese oak, resulting in a truly captivating and flavorful expression.

AMAHAGAN World Malt Edition No.3 Mizunara Wood Finish Tasting Note

Nose: The initial nose offered aromas of sweet malt reminiscent of fresh bread, followed by a burst of warm citrus with hints of orange and red apple. Further swirling introduced a surprising complexity: delicate spice notes of sandalwood and white pepper alongside a subtle woody character hinting at the Mizunara influence. A deeper layer of rich caramel sweetness emerged with time, adding warmth to the overall aroma.

Palate: The first sip delivered on the promise of the nose, with flavors of orange marmalade and buttery apple crumble. A gentle bitterness reminiscent of dark chocolate with cocoa powder emerged on the mid-palate. The Mizunara influence became more apparent here, with subtle spice and a drying woodiness that lent elegance to the flavor profile.

Finish: The finish was long and lingering, leaving a pleasant warmth on the tongue. The initial sweetness of the malt gradually subsided, allowing the spicy and woody notes from the Mizunara cask to take center stage. A hint of smoke, like embers from a dying fire, lingered in the aftertaste, adding complexity to the overall experience.

Overall: The AMAHAGAN World Malt Edition No.3 Mizunara Wood Finish strikes a balance between the sweetness of the malt, the bitterness of the chocolate notes, and the spicy woodiness imparted by the Mizunara cask. This interplay creates a captivating dram that rewards slow sipping, revealing new layers of flavor with each taste.

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AMAHAGAN World Malt Edition No.3 Mizunara Wood Finish


Nagahama Distillery


Blended Malt Whisky


Shiga, Japan


NAS (No Age Statement)

Cask Type

Blend of Imported Malt Whiskies finished in Mizunara casks


700 ml


47% ABV


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