AMAHAGAN World Malt Edition Peated

700 ml / 47%


The Nagahama Distillery’s AMAHAGAN World Malt Edition Peated is a unique blend of peated and non-peated malts, including some bourbon cask-matured. It offers a complex journey with fruity, herbal, smoky, and slightly sweet notes, making it a captivating dram for whiskey enthusiasts.

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AMAHAGAN World Malt Edition Peated Bottling Note

AMAHAGAN World Malt Edition Peated is a unique blended malt whiskey from the Nagahama Distillery in Japan. It holds the distinction of being the distillery’s first foray into peated whiskies. This expression combines peated malt whiskey produced at the Nagahama Distillery itself with non-peated malt whiskies sourced from international locations. To add another layer of complexity, a portion of the blend undergoes further maturation in bourbon barrels.

The resulting whiskey boasts a light gold appearance. On the nose, it opens with inviting fruit top notes of baked apples and ripe peaches. These sweet aromas intertwine with a surprising herbal character, hints of mint and other herbs mingling with roasted malts, the signature smokiness from the peated malt, and even a touch of iodine.

The intriguing journey continues on the palate. The initial burst of flavor is a refreshing note of grapefruit, a citrusy counterpoint to the smoky influence that soon takes center stage. This smokiness is described as pleasantly fragrant and finely textured. As the whiskey lingers, a delightful sweetness emerges, reminiscent of cotton candy and the subtle bitterness of Japanese brown sugar (wasanbon). This creates a complex and balanced finish that leaves a lasting impression.

AMAHAGAN World Malt Edition Peated is a testament to the Nagahama Distillery’s innovative spirit. By blending peated and non-peated malts, along with the additional maturation in bourbon casks, they’ve crafted a whiskey that offers a unique and captivating drinking experience. The interplay of sweet, smoky, herbal, and slightly bitter notes makes it a truly intriguing dram for any whiskey enthusiast to explore.

AMAHAGAN World Malt Edition Peated Tasting Note

Nose: Upon opening the AMAHAGAN peated, the whisky reveals a pale gold color, suggesting the presence of internationally sourced malts. The nose presents an enticing aroma with initial notes of sweet baked apples and juicy peaches. A surprising herbal character emerges next, offering hints of mint and other botanicals, adding an intriguing layer of complexity. The signature smokiness of peated malt is then evident, complemented by a touch of iodine minerality.

Palate: The first sip delivers a burst of refreshing grapefruit, creating a delightful citrusy counterpoint to the smoke. The smokiness takes center stage on the palate, but in a pleasant and well-integrated manner, lacking the harshness sometimes found in heavily peated whiskies. The mid-palate reveals a lingering sweetness reminiscent of cotton candy, balanced by a subtle bitterness akin to Japanese brown sugar (wasanbon). This interplay of sweet, smoky, herbal, and slightly bitter notes creates a truly captivating experience.

Finish: The finish on the AMAHAGAN World Malt Edition Peated is both complex and balanced. The smokiness fades gently, leaving behind a lingering sweetness and a touch of the herbal character from the nose. This inviting finish encourages further exploration.

Overall: AMAHAGAN World Malt Edition Peated showcases the innovative spirit of the Nagahama Distillery. This unique blend offers an unexpected and delightful exploration of peated whisky.

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AMAHAGAN World Malt Edition Peated


Nagahama Distillery


Blended Malt Whisky (Peated)


Shiga, Japan


NAS (No Age Statement)

Cask Type

Potentially including bourbon casks for a portion of the blend


700 ml


47% ABV


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