AMAHAGAN World Malt Edition No.1


The AMAHAGAN World Malt Edition No.1 is a young, award-winning blended malt whisky from Japan’s Nagahama Distillery. It combines imported malts with their own, bottled unfiltered and uncolored for a full-bodied taste. This first release showcases their blending skills and future potential.

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AMAHAGAN World Malt Edition No.1 Bottling Note

AMAHAGAN World Malt Edition No.1 is a blended malt whisky, the first release in a series from Nagahama Distillery, a craft distillery in Japan. It’s a relatively young whisky, with the base spirits having been distilled since the distillery’s opening in 2016.

The AMAHAGAN World Malt Edition No.1 blends imported malt whiskies with malt whisky produced at the Nagahama Distillery itself. The specific origin of the imported malts is not widely disclosed, but the focus seems to be on highlighting the blending process, a crucial step in crafting well-rounded whisky.

This whisky is bottled unchillfiltered and uncolored. Chill filtering is a process that removes certain fatty acids that can cloud the whisky at cold temperatures. Leaving it unchillfiltered can preserve some of the natural character of the spirit. Similarly, uncolored means no caramel coloring has been added, which some producers use to achieve a desired color consistency.

The AMAHAGAN World Malt Edition No.1 is bottled at a higher alcohol content of 47% ABV (alcohol by volume). This can indicate a more full-bodied flavor compared to whiskies bottled at a lower proof.

This first edition of the AMAHAGAN series has won acclaim, receiving a gold medal at the 2023 International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC). It represents not only the blending expertise of the Nagahama Distillery but also their venture into the world of whisky making, offering a taste of their new creation.

Tasting note

Nose: The AMAHAGAN World Malt Edition No.1 offers an enticing introduction on the nose. Initial sniffs reveal a malty sweetness, hinting at vanilla and honeyed cereal. Digging deeper, a touch of citrus peel emerges, alongside a subtle grassy note that hints at the young age of the domestic malt.

Palate: The first sip coats the palate with a warming wave of alcohol, thanks to the 47% ABV. The malty character translates well from the nose, presenting a grainy sweetness balanced by a gentle oakiness. Hints of spice, like ginger and cinnamon, peek through, adding a touch of complexity.

Finish: The finish is medium in length, leaving a lingering warmth on the tongue. The malty sweetness fades gradually, revealing a touch of drying tannin and a wisp of smoke in the aftertaste.

Overall: Overall, the AMAHAGAN World Malt Edition No.1 is a promising young whisky. The blend showcases the potential of the Nagahama Distillery’s own malt alongside the imported components. While the youthfulness is apparent, the whisky offers a pleasant balance of sweetness, spice, and subtle oak influence. This first edition hints at exciting things to come as the distillery’s own whiskies mature and take center stage in future releases.

AMAHAGAN World Malt Edition No.1 Details

Name AMAHAGAN World Malt Edition No.1
Distillery/Brand Nagahama Distillery
Style Blended Malt Whisky
Region Japan (Shiga Prefecture)
Age No Age Statement (NAS)
Cask Type Mixture of casks, details not disclosed
Volume 700 ml
Alcohol 47% ABV (Alcohol by Volume)
Released Likely around 2016 (distillery opening)
Availability May vary depending on location, but potentially found at liquor stores specializing in Japanese whisky or online retailers.

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